Pulsar N10 - N12, 80 - 85
E13 - E15 Eng. FWD

Part No. A22

Prarie 82 - 85
E13 - E15 Eng. FWD

Part No. A22

Pulsar N13, 87 - 91
1.6 and 1.8 Litre

Part No. A26
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Pulsar N14 - N15, SSS
NX Coupe


Models with EGR fittings use Part No. A20E

Part No. A20

Silvia 91 - 93
SR20DE Eng.

Part No. A24

Pintara U12 89 - 92
CA20 Eng. FWD 2 Litre

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Part No. A475

Pintara U12 89 - 92
KA24 Eng. FWD 2.4 Litre

Part No. A476

Patrol MQ
L28 Eng.
2.8lt Petrol

Part No. A280

R31 and RB30 Eng. 86 - 91

Part No. A217
89 - 96 Z32

Part No. A300

Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280ZX EFI

Part No. A281

Patrol GQ - GU
4.2 and 4.5 Litre Petrol and Diesel

This fits carby and EFI models EFI models

Part No. A295i
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Patrol GU
4.8 Litre Petrol EFI
2001 - 2005

Part No. A296
Patrol GU
LS Series Engine Conversion
Made to suit 'Marks 4WD Adaptors'
Full bell housing & Engine mounts

Part No. A293